Green Guilds Services

Green Guilds serves to help you transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  We can assist you in cultivating a more healthy and vibrant environment anywhere.


Exterior Services

We offer a full range of exterior services that support local wildlife, manage water, and provide beauty. 

Ecological Landscape Design

Green Guilds offers custom design to connect people with their environment while also nurturing wildlife, optimizing water management, growing food, and, if desired, can establish yield producing systems, such as compost, chickens, bees, food forests, children’s playscapes, fairy gardens, and more.

Organic Orchard Management

We offer a hollistic orchard management service that incorporates organic fertilization, pest management, long-term fertility, and pollination.  We can even help you get your organic certification.

Design Installation Services

Whether we create the design or you do, we are happy to make your vision a reality.  We, at Green Guilds, have a specialized skillset to carefully implement ideas, whether it’s a rain garden, edible landscape, patio, water management system, native prairie, tree care or urban animal husbandry.

Honey Collective

Have you ever wanted to have honey, but were intimidated by taking on beekeeping?  We offer beekeeping services that give you the chance to support bees, get your own honey, and make some money in selling honey through our honey producing collective.

Careful Tree Care: Pruning & Removal

We love trees, and offer the utmost quality in our tree care.  Whether you need pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, or tree planting, we can help.  We know how trees heal and how to help them grow. Contact us to get a quote on tree removal or pruning for optimizing tree growth, productivity, or solar gain.

Landscape Maintenance

Would you like more time and a beautifully kept yard?  We can help you manage perennial  gardens, annual gardens, forests, orchards, compost, chickens, bees, or organic turf.  We offer ecological solutions to landscape maintenance, fortifying on site soil health, water conservation, and beauty.

Home Services

We serve to help you get your home feeling vibrant, with increased sustainability and energy efficiency. 

Ecofit Home Design

Sanctuary is a place that creates a feeling of peace and safety.  We can support you in making your home that sanctuary by creating a design customized to you and your family. We specialize in establishing a design that reduces waste, increases efficiency and adds more vibrancy to your life.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is often more polluted than the outdoor air, yet many people spend an average of 90% of their time inside.  We offer air quality assessments to help you understand the unique situation of your home, then we create an air purification plan.

Ecofit Installations

Once we have created a design, or if you have one of your own, our team of professionals can implement the design.  Our skilled guilds are able to make these designs come to life. We can also install kitchen gardens, aquaponic systems and more.

Solar Panel Advising

Have you ever wanted a solar powered home? We can connect you with local solar providers and offer a free consultation, with opportunity for zero down payment, and financing with minimal APR. With Local and Federal incentives, solar energy has never been more affordable.

Energy Improvements

Are you tired of drafty houses and high utility bills? We find the leaks, electricity drains, and identify patterns of inefficiency, to design a plan for optimizing your home and lifestyle.  We can also implement the design that best suits your needs.

Residential Services

We offer full scale design and implementations, as well as individual projects.  Ranging from chicken systems to kitchen gardens, our team of experienced ecological designers can help you reduce waste and create a beautiful, vibrant environment inside and out. Education gardens, medicinal gardens, and wildlife landscaping is the perfect way we to engage in nature.  We specialize in custom designs for individuals and families that bring them closer to nature and their food.  Contact us today.

Rain Gardens

Pollinator Gardens

Food Forests

Perennial Landscaping

Organic Food Gardens


Kitchen Gardens

Chicken Systems

Bee Hives


Rain Water Collection

Erosion Control

Grey Water Filtration


Rain Gardens

Permeable Pavers

Water Management

Edible Landscaping

Recreational Spaces

Turf Alternatives

Indoor Gardens

Commercial Services

Would you like your business to be more eco-friendly?  We can help you create inspiring landscaping and sustainable systems that impress your customers, while caring for the planet.  We also offer low-carbon landscape maintenance, using hand tools and electric machines that are charged via solar power. This service reduces noise and demonstrates environmental responsibility. 

Our Work

In each of our designs and projects, we source high-quality, ecologically responsible materials and pay employees a living wage.  Our team is thoughtful and experienced, so you can expect high quality every time.  We have experience designing and implementing water management systems such as rain water catchment, swales, rain gardens, and irrigation systems. We also have experience with hardscapes, such as patio, earthworks, and building. Food systems are our favorite, both for people and wildlife and we have designed and implemented gardens, food forests, orchards, chicken systems, and even bee systems.

To the left, there are some pictures to show you our work.  These only represent a fraction of our work.  We are creating a portfolio page that will be coming soon, so check back for that. Remember, we are powerful agents of positive change in our world. Ask yourself everyday what little thing you can do to make the world a better place. 

They transformed the front of our home into a welcoming, beautiful place!

“Joseph and Alana planned and redid the front of our house, patio and front yard over the summer and fall. They transformed the front of our home into a welcoming, beautiful place! One of the most special gardens they designed and brought to life was a memorial garden for my father who passed in 2017. It is filled with his favorite flowers – peonies, roses, chrysanthemums – and it is the first thing I see when looking out my front window. I cant wait to see it in the spring! One other special “thank you” to Joseph for tearing down our old mailbox –  which had been hit so many times by the snowplow that we lost count. It now has hinges and a spring on it if it does get hit, a solar light on top, and a reflector next to it.

The entire crew – every single member – made a tough job look easy, and made our house look lovely!  We could not be more pleased!
Thank you Joseph, Alana and everyone who is a part of Green Guilds! Looking forward to working with you again soon!”
Bonnie Polk and Mark Monson
Minnetonka, MN

Alana and Joseph are a great team with a ton of knowledge – I saw what they built in Costa Rica and would recommend them to anyone with greens in their yard!”

Henrik Von Anderen

“Beyond being a gifted and knowledgeable permaculturalist, and a wonderful human being, Alana is a potent force in creating a regenerative society. Thank you!!!”

Eric Baudry

“”A talented couple, a lovely young family and a great eco-friendly company”

“For a couple of years, I had been planning to put a rain garden into my front yard. I had a natural depressed area from a removed tree, I had taken classes and did some reading, but really had no ideal how or where to begin.  I also had a huge buckthorn problem and erosion. Basically, I was overwhelmed. Then, on our Neighborhood website, I discovered a notice from Alana and Joey. They were offering a consult and from that day on, magic happened.  Both are so friendly and easy to work with. They came up with a complete plan for all my needs and did all the work. They even offered to help with other projects that were not immediately tied to the initial plan. They guaranteed the work and the plants they provided.  I feel we have not only completed the project we set out to do, together, but have become friends in the process. A talented couple, a lovely young family and a great eco-friendly company. I cannot thank them enough for everything.”

Rita Jelle

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