Landscape Management

Breathe easy and relax while we beautify and fortify your landscape. We love stewarding the land with care and respect.  Through the use of solar charged tools and hand tools, we produce very little carbon emissions on site, and maintain a low volume.  We also use organic fertilizers and soil amendments, as well as non-toxic insect repellents.  Whether you need weeding, pruning, planting, lawn care, fertilizing, or mulching, we get the job done in a way you can feel good about.  

Lawn Care

Green Guilds offers environmentally friendly cutting and edging by utilizing solar charged electric and hand powered machines. Let us tend to your yard in a way you can feel good about. 

Chicken System Maintenance

Would you like chickens, but aren’t ready for the maintenance they require? Let us take care of that for you, so all you need to do is feed them and gather their eggs.  We can provide you with coop cleaning services and help you troubleshoot any issues that you are having with your chickens.  


Whether you need tree trimming, fruit tree pruning, or shrub care, our experienced crew can care for your plants to optimize their health, production, and the sunlight you need.


Bee Keeping Support

Would you like to support bees?  Have you ever wanted to have honey, but were intimidated by taking on beekeeping?  We offer beekeeping services that give you the chance to support bees, get your own honey, and make some money in selling honey through our honey producing collective.

Garden Maintenence

Would you like a garden, but just don’t have the time to plant or tend to one? We offer garden planting and tending services, so you can enjoy fresh fruits and veggies right out of your yard. 


Organic Orchard Maintenance

We offer a hollistic orchard management service that incorporates organic fertilization, pest management, long-term fertility, and pollination.  We can even help you get your organic certification.

Compost Care

Composting is an art that we love to create.  The food scraps from your kitchen can turn into vital soil for your garden, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.  Let us tend your compost to turn waste into a resource for you.

Organic Fertilization

When plants need a little extra nutrients, we are there to help with organic fertilization. We offer compost, minerals, compost teas, and more to help your plants thrive. We understand what plants need and can provide safe, nontoxic amendments that you can feel good about.

Green Solutions

All our maintenance services utilize the most responsible tools and materials because our business ethics focus on environmental well being and integrity.  We pride ourselves in responsible services both for our ecosystems and people.  We pay living wages to all our workers and provide you with the highest quality materials we can find.  

Low Water Usage

Water is a vital resource that we deeply value.  Our designs focus on using rainwater as much as possible to reduce the need for watering.  We can also choose plants that are resilient in our climate and often local, which reduces the need to water them.  When watering is needed, we design low evaporation irrigation that is efficient and easy to use.  In all of our designs, water is carefully considered for site so that it is utilized most efficiently.

How our services work.

Contact us to begin the dialogue about how we can support you with your maintenance needs.  After we understand your specific site and your needs, we will send you a bid for services that you have requested. If there are systems that can help with making the maintenance more efficient, we will offer to create a design for you and an installation plan. Of course, we will never pressure you into anything that you are not interested in.  We can also teach you how to maintain your own systems if that is something you would like. 

Full maintenance plans

Assessments for increased efficiency

Customized care plans

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