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Our mission at Green Guilds is to design and implement projects that support a full spectrum transition to a sustainable culture.


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Green Guilds designs generative projects in every aspect of modern society, from energy efficient housing to socially responsible events.  Through cultivating partnerships and collaborative efforts with professionals in fields such as construction, engineering, education, design, forestry, agriculture, etc; Green Guilds ignites projects that support environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and social empowerment.

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About Us

Alana & Joseph

A powerhouse couple who have years of experience in the fields of Permaculture, Agroecology, organic gardening, animal husbandy, ecological design, community building, and more.  They work well together to create responsible, ecological systems that cultivate a connection between people and land.

Joseph Davis

Joseph Davis

Co-Founder, Implementation Lead, General Contractor, Project Coordinator

Specializing in coordinating team efforts, as well as organizing elements of a project, from small to large scale. Also engaged in field work and education oriented toward ecological stewardship and sustainability.



Communication | Resourcefulness |Multi-functional within an Organization | Dedication |Friendly & Sociable | Patience | Empathy | Facilitation | Public Speaking | Compost Making | Water Management | General Organization of Space and Productivity

  • Wrote successful grant, bringing 17 college students from Florida to Washington D.C. for Powershift 2009
  • Held treasury and vice-president office in the Progressive Student Alliance at the University of West Florida (UWF), 2009-2010
  • Led a Fair Trade coffee campaign at the UWF, bringing it to our library cafe, 2009
  • Activated first on campus community garden at the UWF, facilitated garden workshops, and obtained a healthy yield of produce, 2010
  • Study Abroad in Brazil at Universidade de Vicosa, focus in Portuguese, Agroforestry, and Agroecolgy as a social movement, January-November, 2011
  • Substitute teacher for all grade levels, Escambia County Public Schools, 6 months, 2012
  • Coordinated project development, grounds maintenance, and eco-tourism at
    Finca Fruition: Permaculture Land Coop. in Costa Rica, with average budget of $20,000 per year, 2013-2016
  • Hosted and coordinated at least 200 volunteers and guests at Finca Fruition, 2013-2016
  • Facilitated two, one-month Permaculture internships, for 6 students from Canada and U.S.A., 2014 and 2015
  • Stewarded roughly 6 acres of tropical farm land, including goats, banana fields, food forests, as well as a spring, creek and rainwater catchment methods, with a small team and primarily manual labor, 2013-2016
  • Provided around $14,000 worth of Home Maintenance and Home Improvement to Hennepin County area, 7/17-now
  • Guest teacher for Robbinsdale area schools, 3/17-now
  • Raising three children, 2013-now

Bachelor of Science – Environmental Science, focus in Sustainable Food Systems, UWF, 2012

Teaching English as a Foreign Language – 150 hour Master Course, LearnTEFL.com, 2017

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish, some Portuguese, some American Sign Language

School Gardens and Community Organizer for Manna Food Bank, Pensacola FL, 6 months, 2012
Garden and Project Support at Sister’s Camelot Garden, MN, November 2016-2017

Alana Bliss

Alana Bliss

Co-Founder, Head of Implementation, Lead General Contractor

Solution focused, creative, and compassionate while dedicated to inspiring and empowering people worldwide towards ecologically and socially sustainable lifestyles.

Alana is the lead designer for Green Guilds, with over a decade of Permaculture design experience.  Alana has the ability to read the land while deeply listening to her clients desires and needs to come up with a design that nourishes both human and ecological well being. She uses a combination of writing and Illustrator skills to present designs to her clients. Alana also has experience managing implementation crews and prefers to be on site when the design is begun to ensure that all goes according to plan and to help come up with solutions to challenges that arise. Alana is passionate about cultivating generative spaces and supporting people in building realationships with each other and their environment.  

Problem Solving | Creative Expression & Artistic Eye | Computer Savvy |Confident Multi-functional within an Organization | Dedication & Determination |Friendly Patient & Inspiring Facilitator | Public Speaking | Compassionate Communication  

  • Co-Founded Green Guilds, LLC in Minneapolis, MN and collaboratively opperated the business for 1 year. 2017-p resent 
  • Co-Founded and managed the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology, which included an eco-tourism and volunteer program, with a yearly budget of $20,000, hosting well over 500 people for 6 years in Costa Rica.
  • Hosted, managed, and facilitated 10 workshops and 6 large events featuring hands-on workshops, music, performances, meals, and site preparation.
  • Facilitated and hosted 4 Permaculture Design Certification courses, as well as, 6 internships both with Northwestern College and freelance interns, where students made sustainable designs and assisted in implementation.
  • Managed chickens, goats, food and water systems, coordinated a steady stream of volunteers, and employees, while raising 3 children.
  • Supported the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of visitors experiencing a new climate, culture, and rustic rural lifestyle.
  • Designed and planted a model food forest as a living classroom and guided teams in establishing water harvesting systems, animal systems, and food production throughout the farm.
  • Established social designs that utilized cooperative team goals, experiential learning projects, communal living agreements, maintenance systems, and an extensive community design.
  • Built and maintained a wordpress website for the Fruition Center and Finca Fruition: Permaculture Land Cooperative.
  • Marketed events, courses, and the volunteer, eco-tourism, and intern programs.
  • Presented workshops in Birth as a Rite of Passage for transformational festivals in Costa Rica, Portugal, and the USA
  • Proposed and activated a project for Envision Festival, Costa Rica that gathered local information and began the process of fortifying social sustainability using analysis, non-violent communication, and community meetings.

Anthropology | 2000 | University of Montana

Conservation Science with an Emphasis on Film | 2002 | College of Santa Fe

Permaculture Design Certification | 2005 | ECOSA Institute

Permaculture Natural Building Internship | 2005| Ecovillage Training Center

Permaculture Teacher Training | 2011 | Cascadia Permaculture  

Social Permaculture – People Care Course | 2014 | Terra Alta

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish, some ASL

Three empowering water births | In our home | 2004, 2007, 2010

“I treated birth like a course, where I learned as much as possible to prepare myself for my births, and as a result had incredible births.  Each birth was a profound lesson onto itself and I was lucky enough to experience an orgasmic birth.” – Alana Bliss

Death of husband | In our home | 2006

“This experience taught me as much as birth did about the power of the mind, breath, and dealing with preparing to give birth.  I was pregnant with my second son and thankfully was able to process my emotions so that I could have an empowering birth, in the same room he died in.”    – Alana Bliss

Presenter at the creation station, Shangra-la festival |Minnesota| 2005, 2007, 2015

  • Presented concepts of orgasmic birth and the idea that birth can be an empowering experience.

Presenter at the Liminal village, Boom festival | Portugal | August 2014

  • Presented Conscious Birth for a New Culture at the Liminal village illustrating the empowerment that women, men, and babies can experience through the rite of passage that is birth.

Presenter at Envision Festival | Costa Rica | August 2014

  • Presented Conscious Birth for a New Culture illustrating the empowerment that women, men, and babies can experience through the rite of passage that is birth.

Green Guild Community Partnerships

We work with organizations within the Twin Cities and beyond to mutually support each other and cultivate our greater community.

Blue Thumb

Blue Thumb—Planting for Clean Water® is a public/private partnership that promotes native plants, raingardens, and shoreline stabilization projects to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

Southwoods Homestead & Ecological Design

Building natural capital and biodiversity, while raising the carrying capacity of the planet.

Organic Bob's Lawn Care

Organic Bob provides REAL organic lawn care – that means a lot more than just NOT using chemicals on your lawn – it means changing your soil to favor what you want to grow there so it WANTS to grow there and other things don’t.

Permaculture Action Network

works at the intersection of art, music, and regenerative culture.  We offer people a pathway to take action locally where they live to create empowered communities.  

They transformed the front of our home into a welcoming, beautiful place!

Joseph and Alana planned and redid the front of our house, patio and front yard over the summer and fall. They transformed the front of our home into a welcoming, beautiful place! One of the most special gardens they designed and brought to life was a memorial garden for my father who passed in 2017. It is filled with his favorite flowers – peonies, roses, chrysanthemums – and it is the first thing I see when looking out my front window. I cant wait to see it in the spring! One other special “thank you” to Joseph for tearing down our old mailbox –  which had been hit so many times by the snowplow that we lost count. It now has hinges and a spring on it if it does get hit, a solar light on top, and a reflector next to it.

The entire crew – every single member – made a tough job look easy, and made our house look lovely!  We could not be more pleased!
Thank you Joseph, Alana and everyone who is a part of Green Guilds! Looking forward to working with you again soon!
Bonnie Polk and Mark Monson
Minnetonka, MN

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