Ecological Landscape Design

Green Guilds generates custom designs that can enhance peoples’ connection to their environment. Our designs are made to nurture local wildlife, watersheds, and human health. We can design systems that provide yields such as food (for humans and wildlife), compost, clean water, honey and more.  While we specialize in designing systems that work with nature to increase beauty, fertility, and yield, we also design sites that enhance social engagements, such as patios, playscapes for children and families, outdoor kitchens, and more.  In order to generate unique, personalized designs, we begin by interviewing clients to find what needs and desires are most important to them, and provide a comprehensive site assessment to understand the needs of the land.

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Site Assessment

We begin by assessing your site’s unique features, soil, microclimates, biodiversity, water flow, and challenges. We also learn more about what you want for your space and explore ways to make your yard an interactive sanctuary.


Once we understand your specific site and desires for the space, we create a customized design for you. This includes a map of the site, species lists, description of the systems we have designed, and step by step implementation.

Maintenance Plan

Included in your design is a maintenance plan that empowers you to nurture your own land in a way that best suits your physical needs. We can offer scheduled maintenance services as well.

Plant Selection

We design from patterns to details. Within your design, we provide plant options, and give you time to choose which plants best suit your needs and preferences. Your design will then come with a plant list, with a description of each plant found in your landscape or home.

Backyard Chicken Systems

Rain Gardens & Water Management

Edible Landscapes & Gardens

About Permaculture Design

Permaculture is a design science that focuses on enhancing abundance while increasing sustainability through an intentional relationship with nature.  With careful observation, design principles, and the use of holistic systems, Permaculture design reduces maintenance over time, and generates productive landscapes.  Water, soil, plants, animals, and micro-climates are all taken into consideration when making a design, as well as human patterns, habits, desires, and values.  In this way, each design is customized to fit the resident, while also supporting the local ecosystem. Some benefits of Permaculture Design are:

Mutually supportive systems that generate yields

Deeper connection with the land

Increased biodiversity & wildlife habitat

Efficient water usage

Low-Maintenance Design

We focus on perennial systems that are low maintenance for our clients.  We understand that life is busy enough without having to spend so much of your time maintaining your yard.  For those elements in your design that need a little TLC, such as a garden, we design systems that support each other to reduce the need for additional inputs.  This also reduces maintenance.

Low Water Usage

Water is a vital resource that we deeply value.  Our designs focus on using rainwater as much as possible to reduce the need for watering.  We also choose plants that are resilient in our climate and often local, which reduces the need to water them.  When watering is needed, we design low evaporation irrigation that is efficient and easy to use.  In all of our designs, water is carefully considered for each site so that it isn’t wasted.

Other Services

Design Implementation

Our experienced team can take your design from a concept to a reality.  Whether we create your design or you do, we are happy to make your vision a reality.

Tree Care: Pruning & More

We care about the health and longevity of trees, so our tree care services focus on the pruning for optimal health.  We are also able to remove trees and plant new ones.

Maintenance & Cleanup

Our maintenance program features low carbon lawn care by using electric and manual machines.  We also can help with soil building, composting, chicken maintenance, and more.

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If you can imagine it, we can help you create it.  Our experienced design team understands ecosystems and human needs, so we are able to assist you in envisioning a sanctuary in your backyard.  Let us design a habitat for both the environment and yourself, merging the best of both worlds.