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Design Installation Services

Whether we create the design or you do, we are happy to make your vision a reality.  Here at Green Guilds, we have a specialized skillset to carefully implement ideas, whether it’s a rain garden, edible landscape, patio, water management system, native prairie, tree care or urban animal husbandry.


We have experience designing and implementing patios, ponds, dams, and earthworks.  Whatever you need we can make it a reality. 

Edible Landscapes

Food forests, perennial gardens, or wildlife habitat, edible landscapes are great ways to engage more deeply with your yard.

Habitat Restoration

Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to species worldwide. We can plant ecosystems in your yard that provide sanctuary for native wildlife.

Plant Selection

We offer a plant list for your landscape, then you choose the ones they like.  This offers a perfect balance between custom and low maintenance. 


Rain Gardens

Habitat Restoration

Low-Maintenance Design

We focus on perennial systems that are low maintenance for our clients.  We understand that life is busy enough without having to spend so much of your time maintaining your yard.  For those elements in your design that need a little TLC, such as a garden, we design systems that support each other to reduce the need for additional inputs.  This also reduces maintenance.  

Water as a Resource

Water is a sacred resource that all life needs to thrive. Today, much of the rain water that falls on our urban landscapes is wasted and runs onto polluted roads.  We catch water in the earth, through raingardens, swales, permeable pavement, and vegetation.  This way, we use the water as a resource to hydrate the landscape, reducing watering needs for the plants. We also consider erosion control in our installations. 

Other Services

Lawn Services

We use solar charged electric and hand powered tools to take care of your yard, so you can feel great about using our lawn care.

Vegetable Gardens

We can establish vegetable gardens filled with organic nutrients for you. Our garden designs are customized for your taste and maintenance preferences.

Maintenance & Cleanup

Whether its tree trimming, weeding, amending soil, fertilizing your trees, etc, we can help you take care of those aspects of your yard that you don’t want to have to.

Do you already have a design?

We can help you take your own designs or designs from another organization and make them happen.  We have the experience needed and the skills to implement your designs today.  Large or small, we can turn your project from an idea into a reality.   Contact us for a bid.

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Ecofit Design Installations

We believe the Home is a place that creates feelings of peace and safety.  In essence, Home is Sanctuary. We can support you in making your home that place by creating a design customized to the needs of you and your family. We specialize in establishing a design that reduces waste, increases efficiency and adds more vibrancy to your life.

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Twin Cities, Minnesota


Let’s Build Regenerative Systems Together

Contact us today to get a consultation for your home, yard, or farm.  We have 13 years of experience in Permaculture design and would love to support you in creating a space that enhances your connection with nature.