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Green Guilds serves to help you transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
We can assist you in cultivating a more healthy and vibrant environment anywhere.


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Green Guilds’ Services


Ecological Landscape Design

Green Guilds offers custom design to connect people with their environment while also nurturing wildlife, optimizing water management, growing food, and, if desired, can establish yield producing systems, such as compost, chickens, bees, food forests, children’s playscapes, fairy gardens, and more.  We specialize in designing systems that work with nature to increase beauty and fertility.  In order to generate unique, personalized designs, we begin by interviewing clients to find what needs and desires are most important to them.  Contact us today for a consultation, and manifest your dreams in your own backyard!


Design Implementation

  Whether we create the design or you do, we are happy to make your vision a reality.  We, at Green Guilds, have a specialized skillset to carefully implement ideas, whether it’s a raingarden, edible landscape, patio, water management system, native prairie, tree care or urban animal husbandry. 


Eco-Property & Systems Maintenance

Do you feel like your property is overwhelming, you have so much to do, and so little time to do it all?  We offer ecological solutions to lawn and plant care, as well as garden assistance and compost maintenance.  We have experience in maintaining lawns, fruit trees, annual and perennial gardens, mushrooms, ponds, fish, chickens, bunnies, ducks, goats, cows, worms, and compost.  We can support most any property needs.  We are dedicated to using natural, biodegradable, generative products that increase long-term fertility in the landscape and have a holistic approach to pest management.  Find out how we can decrease your work load, while increasing the yield and the beauty of your space.

Tree Care

We love trees, and offer the utmost quality in our tree care.  Whether you need pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, or tree planting, we can help.  We know how trees heal and how to help them grow. 

Organic Orchard Management

We offer a full spectrum orchard management service that incorporates organic fertilization, pest management, long-term fertility, and pollination.  We can even help you get your organic certification.  We bring the bees to you and maintain both the trees and the bees.  We offer you a percentage of the honey yield and care for your orchard.  We love our bees and want to ensure that they have the healthiest, most vibrant environment, which produces the best fruits.  Call us today for more information. 


Weatherizing/Increasing Home Efficiency

Are you tired of drafty houses and high utility bills? We find the leaks, electricity drains, and identify patterns of inefficiency to create a game plan for optimizing your home and lifestyle. 

Solar Panel Advising

We can help you get a solar panel proposal that can offer clean onsite energy for 0% down on financing to own your own energy source.  Most financing options can offer a monthly energy bill that is 5-50% cheaper than a homeowner’s current electrical bill.  It has never been more affordable or easy to get solar panels. Find out today how we can help you become energy independent.


Eco-Home Design / Installation

Home is where the heart is.  The environmental health inside a home consists of air quality, layout, energy flow and décor that inspires or comforts most.  We offer custom designs for your home based on your personal preferences and needs.  Through client survey analyzing various elements of lifestyle, as well as air quality, we generate a design that best suits your needs and desires.  Our team of professionals is also available to implement the custom Green Guilds design. 

Air Quality Assessments

Indoor air quality is often more polluted than the outdoor air, yet many people spend an average of 90% of our time inside.  We offer air quality assessments to help you understand the unique situation of your home.  Our Air Quality Assessment includes testing for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), molds, and formaldehyde.   Upon appointment, we will sample your air quality, send it to a certified lab, review the results, and options for resolution, if needed.

Clutter Clearing 

A disorganized space can be stressful, and clutter can make it worse.  We want to help you get your home feeling clean and clear.  We have integral professionals who are skilled at designing and establishing organizational systems to help you keep your home functional and feeling great.  We work with you to organize your things and support you in getting rid of things that you no longer want or need.  We also ensure that as little as possible is thrown away. We can donate or sell usable things for you, recycle everything possible, and upcycle materials to our artist guild to create works of art.
*Our cleaning and decluttering professionals have background checks and general liability insurance for this service.